Sony LIV Serial ‘Teri Meri Dooriyaan’ Latest Twist: Seerat Commits Suicid

Teri Meri Dooriyan is a star plus serial.

Star Plus recently launched a new Hindi serial titled Teri Meri Dooriyaan. It is a family romantic serial that is directed by Jaideep Sen and casts Vijauendra Kumeria, Himanshi Parashar, Tushar Dhembla, Roopam Sharma, Jatin Arora, and Prachi Hadaa as the main leading stars. You can watch the Teri Meri Dooriyaa Aaj ka Episode presented on Undekha serial daily.

This drama serial is launched under the banner of Cockcrow Entertainment Productions company and by Shaika Filsm. It is a Hindi-Indian language series that also digitally streams on Hotstar+ Disney. It premiered on 4th January 2023 on the official Instagram page of Star Plus.  

Teri Meri Dooriyan Serial written story:

The First Episode of the drama serial starts with Angad who is getting ready for the Pooja at his home. Angad Brar is the eldest son in the Brar mansion while his cousin brothers are Garry and Veer. Angad Brar is a very sophisticated perfectionist in the house. And he is the only one who looks after his ancestral jewelry business. He is a successful businessman and holds a huge power in his hands. For his grand-fathers happiness, Angad can do anything.

While, on the other hand, there are three middle-class girls whose fates decided to get intertwined with these three brothers. Seerat Kaur Monga, Sahiba, and Keerat are these three lovely sisters. Sahiba is the eldest one while Seerat and Keerat and the younger ones. Sahiba is a very passionate and hardworking artist. She helps her father by selling her artwork and has her own Art shop too. Where she sells her pottery and glasswork designs. She is famous in her town for her honesty and hard work.

Everyone around her loves and respects her. But her sister Seerat is the loveliest daughter to her mother ‘Santosh. Toshi only cares about Seerat and dreams of getting married in a rich house. For making her dream come true she asks Sahiab to arrange Brar mansion party passes. Which she arranges by working at Brar mansion. It is a very long story that how Sahiba reaches Brar Mansion. 

Sahiba Helps Angad: TMD 

At the Pooja event, Angad’s grandfather does not like the decoration and asks Angad to change everything before the event starts. Someone tells them about the local market where Sahiba’s shop is located too. When they reach there, accidentally Angad brokes Sahiba’s pot and they both start fighting. Sahiba threatens him that she will break his car if he won’t apologize. Which Angand is never gonna do. Meanwhile, Veer handles the situation and apologizes to Sahiba. Sahiba asks him to pray that he will not come in front of her again. Which Angad does the same? But their Guru Maharaj has decided their fates together and through their fights their love story has started too.

Meanwhile, Veer and Angad reach Sahiba’s shop and ask for the designs. But Sahiba refuses to help Angad. But Later Veer agrees with her about his innocence and she decides to come to his home. Though Sahiba makes a condition that she will take two passes in exchange for work, Angad refuses to give her the passes and she tells him that she will not take the money too.

Well, Veer settles them down and Sahiba reaches Brar Mansion where she shocks everyone with her talent. But the anger towards each other does not end. Sahiba hated Angad’s rude personality. And she believes he is a very self-centered person who does not value any middle-class human. Angad also hates her for her spontaneous replies to him in a taunting style. Well, to cut a long story short, Both have not liked each other. 

Angad Falls in Love With Seerat: Seerat Cheats

In the Next episode, Angad meets Seerat and falls into her beauty spell. He decides to get married to her but Garry always wanted to hurt Angad. And he decides to trap Seerat to hurt and ruin his brother’s reputation in the whole society. Angad proposes to Seerat but Garry starts giving her expensive gifts and traps her. By telling her that he is the only one who holds his family’s business. After hearing that Garry is the charming and expressive one, she decides to cheat on Angad. And on the day of her wedding, she runs away with Garry. Without realizing that Garry can be lying to her too. In the end, Sahiba and Angad get married for the sake of their family’s reputation.

Sahiba and Angad’s Marriage:

Though, both had immense hatred in each other hearts. But Sahiba makes her place in Biji and Darji’s hearts with her lovely and honest nature. Veer and his mother also stand in the support of Sahiba too. Sahiba also files a case with the police so she can find the reason behind Seerat’s elopement. Because she is sure that Seerat can not do this alone. There is someone else who is behind all this chaos.

On the other side, Angad also finds Seerat’s location when he reaches there Seerat runs away from there. Angad thinks it is Sahiba who has informed Seerat about his coming. And when Sahiba asks Draji for the Pagpheera rasam and requests him to allow her to go home. Angad also agrees upon going with her so he can find Seerat and take his revenge on them too.

Teri Meri Dooriyaan Latest Twist: Seerat Commits Suicide

At Sahiba’s home, Angad finds out that Santosh has given their home on loan. And at any time they have to leave their ancestral haveli too. But he does tell this to Sahiba because he does not care what happens to her family.

In the Latest episode, Sahiba finds out about Seerat and tries to chase her, as Angad too. Sahiba finds out that Seerat was about to commit suicide, When she tries to stop her, Seeart pushes her away and says Sahiba you deserve this. Meanwhile, Angad is watching all this from a distance.  And the episode ends on Seerat’s suicide note. It is not yet clear that Sahiba will find out Garry’s involvement in Seerat’s suicide attempt. Will Sahiba be able to save her sister from death and make Angad believe in her? 

Sony TV Serial Teri Meri Doriyaan Details:

Television Show  Teri Meri Doriyaan
Main Star Cast                                              Himanshi Parashar

Vijayendra Kumeria

Country                                          India
Language                                       Hindi
Network                                         StarPlus
Channel                                          Disney+Hotstar
Release Date & Timing     5 January 2023, 7:00 PM
Running Time
Recurring Cast
22 minutes
Khushank Arora
Jatin Arora
Prachi Hada

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