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Imlie is a Hindi language Family drama serial that premiered on Star Plus under the banner of Four Lions Productions. This Drama serial Imlie is produced by Gul Khan and aired on 16 November 2020. And you can also watch Imlie Season 2 Aaj ka Episode only on Undekha serial daily… 

Moreover, Bigg Boss 16 Contestant Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Fahmaan Khan have been playing the lead roles, in this Bengali remake of ‘Ishti Kutum’. Sumbul Touqeer Khan is playing the role of Imlie. An 18-year-old, brave young girl. Who has to go through a lot of ups and downs in her life. She gets married to Aditya to save his life. But later she falls in love with Aryan and marries him. This serial is a Love triangle story. 

Imlie Drama Story: Star Plus

Star Plus serial ‘Imlie story started with heartbreak and separation. Imlie’s mother Meethi had an encounter with her dad ‘Dev Chaturvedi’ in her village Pagdandia, Uttar Pradesh. Where the panchayat of the community had rules. What if a woman spends a night with a man they must get married. But Imlie’s father who came to Meethi’s village for business purposes leaves her after his work is done. Meethi gets pregnant but Dev does not care and abandons them. 

Since Aditya Bhatt who is a great journalist for Bhaskar Times lives in Delhi with his family.  For covering breaking news. He visits Pagdandia to take Satyam’s interview who is playing the role of imlie’s father figure in the village.

Imlie Saves Aditya:

As he is a revolutionist. Aditya visits the village before the mentioned date. So Imlie’s father asks her to guide him about the directions in the village.  Imlie leads him into the village but unfortunately. They both stuck in a severe storm and had to spend a night in a house. The next day, Imlie is blamed to have an affair and if Adi did not marry her they will kill her. Imlie tries to tell everyone in the village that they misunderstand the situation it was just an accident. They had to stay at the same home because of the weather.

No one in the village was ready to believe in her and threatened to kill Aditya. In order to save his life, she agrees on marrying him. And they both end up tieing the knot against their will… Well, the Interesting part is that Adi is already engaged with Malini (chuckle)!

Aditya Marries With Imlie: Star Plus

Malini is Dev’s daughter and Imlie’s sister. Though they both are unaware of the reality.  Aditya takes Imlie to Mumbai along with him at his home but introduces her as a maid. And she also agrees with his decision to save his life and reputation. After so many incidents, Malini proposes to him for marriage. And Adi reveals his marital secret which makes her angry at him.

Meanwhile, Adi has to visit Pagdandia back and she chases him there she finds out that Imlie is her sister. While Aditya is away from her he realizes his love for imlie. And recalls all the memories of him with her. in order to make Imlie happy. He asks Satyakam to marry Meethi and reunite. Meanwhile, imlie also confesses her love for him. She praises his hard work and wishes to become a journalist.

As, Aditya helps her with reading and writing. Malini gets jealous to see them together and help each other morally in growing. In order to gain Adi’s attention, Malini fakes out a suicide scenario. 

Further, Upon knowing her reality ‘imlie’ tries to be aware of Adi. But he stops her angrily by saying that she is jealous of her. Malini throws a party and succeeds in trying to trap Adi. And later reveals that she is pregnant with his baby. Imlie decides to let her stay at her home. But she tries to kill herself and puts all the blame on imlie. Tthis time, Satyakam takes all the blame on himself and gets prisoned. 

Imlie Demands for Divorce From Aditya:

Aditya does not believe on Imlie too and throws her out of his house. She loses all her patience and asks for a divorce. Meanwhile, he realizes his mistakes but she does not forgive him.

At that time, she joins Bhaskar Times. Where Aryan Singh Rathore is the new CEO of the company and the successful entrepreneur. He is there to take his revenge on Adityaa believing that is the reason of his brother-in-law’s death. Imlie is also treated brutally by him. And he does not miss a chance to humiliate her. But as time passes, he starts liking her but Adi takes their friendship negatively. Aryan helps imlie in getting the divorce and also guides her in so many things.

Though, she is yet not aware of his reason for hating Aditya. Aditya finds out about Malini’s lies and kicks her out of the house too. And he puts Anu in jail and apologizes to Satyakam for not believing in him and his wife. 

Upcoming Episode: Imlie Marries With Aryan

In the upcoming episodes of Imlie, Aryan gets in serious trouble. Aditya broadcasts severe weather as clean mistakenly. And that causes huge misunderstandings between Aditya and Aryan. Meanwhile, Aditya is aware of Aryan anger towards him. And he tries to aware Imlie of Aryan’s evil intentions. Which in reality were not as wicked as they seemed to Aditya.

After learning about Aditya and Aryan’s revenge she accuses both. And thus Aditya’s media license is also suspended for casting fake news. When imlie gets to know about Aditya and his family problems she asks for help from Aryan. And they both end up their argument on a deal. Imlie agrees on marrying him but their marriage will be a fake one and real to the people. As Aditya humiliates Imlie, Aryan invites Aditya’s family to teach him a lesson. Because he knew he would not be able to handle seeing imlie married to anyone else. Well, they both are married now but here Neela does not get away with her wicked acts. And tries to break their bond too.

Imlies Confesses Her Love For Aryan:

Meanwhile, Imlie finds out the real culprit behind Arvind’s death. And frees Aryan from guilt. Hence, Aditya leaves the country, imlie and Aryan form a love bond. Arpita decides to marry Sundar but his real personality is exposed by Imlie. And along with that she also resigns from her post in Bhaskar Times. Imie efforts and sacrifices are appreciated by Aryan, and after apologizing to her for his misdeeds. He starts supporting her in Narmada’s case. They both go on a date but before they both admit their love for each other, drunk imlie falls off from the tree. And Aryan had to take her to emergency therapy. 

Imlie: Aryan Snaps at Imlie on her miscarriage

Moreover, they both recover from the incident and share a love bond. Imlie gets pregnant. During her pregnancy, they both find an abandoned baby on their way back home. Later it is revealed that the child is off Malini and Aditya.

After so many years, Malini has appeared in the town as a college dean. And admits her hatred towards imlie. She goes to her house and asks to give back to her daughter whose name is ‘Gudiya’. And she also accuses imlie of kidnapping her daughter.

Malini does not stop hurting her even in the presence of Aryan. And as he could not be able to handle the situation. Imlie had a miscarriage and all the blame is put on her. They both split up their ways after blaming each other. 

Aryan and Imlie Part Ways:

Imlie drama serial has taken a five-year leap. Both individuals are living separately and carrying hatred and anger towards each other. Imlie is in Pagdandia and Aryan is living in Mumbai. There she is working as a social activist fighting for the rights of the woman of her village.

When Aryan comes to Pagdandia to telecast the show and address the problem globally. There he meets with Cheeni. Cheeni is Imlie’s adopted daughter and she is the reason they both reunite. And Imlie gives birth to a baby girl. Out of anger, Malini plants a bomb in their house along with Malini. They both die on the spot.  

Imlie Season 2 Full Episode Today Written Story:

Season 2 started with their second generation where their girls have been grown-up. As 20 years have passed. Aand imlie daughter has been given the name after her mother ‘ imlie’. Imlie and Cheeni are adults but both have different personality traits. Cheeni is a selfish one and Imlie is like her mother, devoting and loving girl. they both cross their ways with Atharva Rana and fall in love.

But Atharva falls in love with Cheeni without knowing her real face. Their families meet at their common friend’s wedding. And Imie Rathore with her kind acts wins the heart of Atharva Rana’s family.

Therefore, Rana’s family asks for imlie proposal for their son Atharva. Without telling him they fix his marriage with her. Upon knowing the news, he burst into anger and tries to tell imlie that he only loves her sister Cheeni. As it is clear that Cheeni only wants his money. And also wants to take all the property which is on Imlie’s name. Though with the help of her dadi, she succeeds in getting everything from Imlie. And in innocence she does not question her sister at all. 

Imlie accepts Atharva’s marriage proposal: Disney+ Hotstar

Nevertheless, Cheeni is a very cunning and smart lady. She has taken all the property from Imlie and still pretending to be so innocent in front of Atharva. So in remorse, he will be in her control. Atharva marries imlie to take his lover’s revenge. But her innocence and kindness attract him and as time passes he realizes Imlie’s character and Cheeni’s wickedness. He tries to be aware of her with her sister’s reality but things are getting really messed up for him.  


Imlie Drama Serial Cast, Names With Pictures:

sumbul Touqeer khan

Fahmaan Khan 

Gashmeer Mahajani

Mayuri Deshmukh

Megha Chakraborty 

Seerat Kapoor 

Karan Vohra 


Imlie Star plus Serial Details: Disney+ Hotsar

Television Show  Imlie
Recurring Cast  Bobby Parvez, Chaitrali Gupte, Anuradha Singh
Jitendra Bohara, Hetal Yadav, Saumya Saraswat
Kiran Khoje, Vijay Kumar, Rajshri Rani, Neetu Pandey
Jyoti Gauba, Chandresh Singh, Preet Kaur Nayak
Tasheen . Arham Abbasi, Chandni Bhagwanani
Astha Agarwal, Neelima Singh, Aamir Salim Khan
Country  India 
Language  Hindi 
Network  Star Plus, Desi TV
Channel  Star plus tv
Release Date  16 Nov 2020
Episodes 663 (2 Seasons)

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