Dil Diyaan Gallan Latest Twist: Veer gets Jealous to see Amrita’s friendship with Dollar

The Hindi serial Dil Diyaan Gallan is an emotional story of an immigrant family, which premiered on Sony TV on 12th December 2022. Rashmi Sharma launched this serial by casting Kaveri Priyam and Paras Arora as legendary heroes. You can watch the Dil Diyaan Gallan Aaj ka Episode presented on Undekha serial daily.

This story tells the journey of broken families and their relations which sets the backbone of the serial and deeply connects switch the audience. Dil Diyaan Gallan is a Punjabi language serial and has completed 106 episodes now. The unlimited appreciation and the love that the series has gathered from the viewers is heartwarming. Although, Veer’s character is played by Paras and Amrita is the female protagonist. 

Sony SAB: Dil Diyaan Gallan Serial Story

The First episode of the serial starts with Dilpreet Singh and his past life. Dilpreet Singh has two sons, Mandeep Brar and Randeep Brar. they had immense love in their hearts for each other but time has changed everything and made them apart. Dilpreeet always wanted his son Mandeep to become a famous doctor so they will open their own Hospital in their Hoshiarpur village. And in order to send his son to America, Dilpreet took help from his neighborhood.

Although,  Khushwant Singh was the main supporter. And Preeto has also promised him that his doctor son will marry his sister when he will come back. But their life takes a wrong shift and Mandeep marries a Gujarati girl named Aastha. She was also a doctor but his father refuses to let him in the house. And on the first day of his wedding, he has to come back to the USA with his wife. 25 years have passed but they have never connected back with each other again. The hatred and the misunderstandings grew with time but were never solved by anyone. 

In these 25 years, Dilpreeet adopted a boy and named him Veer. Veer is a very young and sensible boy. He loves his Darji and Biji too. And he is also best friends with Randeep Barra’s youngest daughter Rhea too. 

Amrita Comes to India:

On the other side of the country, in USA Maan had a daughter Amrita. She is a very young, strong, and bold girl. Amrit had only one dream in her to make her father proud and her grandfather wrong. When Amrita was 7 years old, she reads a letter that her grandfather had sent to her father. Which claimed his curses to his son and the next generations. Amrita has determined that day that she will never make her father feel down. And with her hard work and passion she will prove her Darji that his curses could not affect her family. But fate has its own plans and so as Biji’s prayers too.

Amrita’s thesis gets rejected by the Indian professor Dr.Dungar Pal. And he was not ready to accept her idea. Amita’s friend Adi’ decides to send her to India. Although, they both knew that lying to Amo’s father can put them in huge trouble. But she takes the strong step and goes to India to meet Dungar’s pal.

Veer Finds out Amrita’s Reality:

After a lot of incidents, Veer finds out Amrita is Mandeep Brar’s daughter and Amrita also finds out Veer’s reality that he is the actual doctor. And is keeping his identity hidden from everyone. Well, during that time, both had fallen in love with each other. Later, Rhea also finds out Amo’s reality and blackmails to expose her but Veer requests her to stop. Because if she does not stay squirt today, the misunderstandings between the families will never solve too. And he can not see his Biji in pain anymore. He has got this chance to bring everyone back closer with the help of Amrita. 

Dilpreet throws Amrita out of His House:

Furthermore, Dilpreet finds out that Amrita is an American National and is his grandchild. He gets furious and decides to throw her out of the house. And the hospital papers that Amrita has got him signed, he also tore them too. Out of anger, he gives his Haveli on loan and gets construction materials so he can start the Hospital work. But Khushwant Singh was always at the chance of hurting the Brar family. He takes advantage and puts fire to the godown where Dilpreet has kept all the machinery. And puts all the blame on Amrita.

Currently,  When everyone was looking for the evidence, Dilpreet receives a call from an unknown man that someone is trying to remove the evidence. He calls the police and traps Amrita. Dilpreet did not know that it was Khushwants’s plan to trap them and remove the evidence. But Amrita saves the evidence and hands them over to Rhea.

Mandeep Comes Back to India After 25 Years:

In the present day, Mandeep also comes back to India for his daughter. He gets heartbroken after seeing his youngest daughter in jail. And out of anger, he puts all the blame on his father and brother. Though, Amrita tries to tell him the whole story he declines to listen to a word.

In the forthcoming events, Veer proposes to Amrita but they both decide to sacrifice their love for Rhea and Darji’s happiness. But at the Holi event, Veer confesses his love for her and they both decide to run away together and get married. Though, all of the things were said in an unconscious state on Holi. But Rhea’s mother Nimrit shows it to her daughter and turns her against Amrita. She also taunts Aastha for not doing better manners to her daughter. Because She is trying to trap her son-in-law Veer.

Veer Lies about his Feelings for Amrita:

Meanwhile, Dilpreet listens to everything and asks Veer about this matter. For his happiness, Veer hides his feelings and lies to Darji that he has no heart feelings for Amrita in his heart. Ria also starts manipulating Veer so that she will show his and Amrita’s Holi video to Darji and expose the truth. Otherwise, he will have to get reneged with her. Veer tries to make her understand the situation but Ria is a very stubborn girl and forces him to tie the knot with her.

On the other side, Maan opens his locked room to tease his father Dilpreet. And decides to not let anyone take away his daughter’s happiness from her. And also Veer can not sacrifice his happiness for Darji. When Amrita gets to know about the matter, she locks her father in the room so he will not create any mess in the engagement ceremony. And both Rhea and Veer get engaged. Maan tells Amrita that she is doing this for Ria’s happiness but she will never be happy with Veer. Because one-sided love story always has unhappy endings.

Ria and Veer Engagement Ceremony:

Maan is furious and warns his father that he will bear anything wrong done to his daughter Amrita. Though, Maan is angry with his daughter for hiding her feelings and also letting her love to die. In the Latest Episode, Both Dilpreet and Maan fight because of Veer and Ria’s forceful relationship. But Veer gets pissed off and asks them to stop because their fights always hurt his mother figure Sanjot. 

Dollar’s Friendship with Amrita: Veer Jealous

Currently, a new Dollar entry has come into the show which is expected to turn the whole storyline. Aastha and Sanjot are concerned about Amrita but Sanjot tells her to become friends with Dollar. Because it is the Dollar now who can do something new in Veer and Amrita’s life.

When Veer will see Amrita’s friendship with Dollar, his male ego will arise. And he will start getting jealous of him. So, in return, he will try to be more protective toward her but that will only bring him closer to her. And then they both will understand how much they love each other. And their decision of sacrificing their love for someone else is an immature decision.  

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