Colors Tv Serial Udaariyan: Sartaj marries Nehmat

Udaariyan is an Indian soap. The story let around Fateh, Tejo, and Jasmine. A love triangle is formed between them. But drama takes a turn as the selfish nature of Jasmine comes out gradually. You can watch the Udaariyan Aaj ka Episode presented on Undekha serial daily.

The main male role is done by Anik Gupta. Priyanka Chaudhary played the role of the female protagonist. The central characters go through a lot of problems. The drama takes a generation leap. Now the story revolves around Twinkle Arora as Nehmat and Hitesh Bharadwaj as Ekam.

Udaariyan Serial Written Plot/ Story:

The story starts with three friends living in a village in Punjab of which two are sisters and one is Fateh Singh. Jasmine and Tejo are sisters with different natures.  Tejo is a very simple girl who has no greater ambitions and wants to spend the rest of her life in the village. She is teaching at a college. On the other hand, Jasmine is very selfish and ambitious. She wants to move out of the village and live in Canada. Fateh is a boxer by profession. He loves his profession but is willing to live in his own village. He loves Jasmine.

For the sake of Jasmine, he finds a job in Canada. Tejo’s fiancée Jas turns out to be a fraud. So her marriage was canceled.  Jasmine’s marriage is fixed with Fateh. But Jasmine breaks his marriage with him when she comes to know that Fateh has lost his Job. Fateh becomes furious to see her selfishness and marries Tejo. Tejo fell in love with Fateh after marriage but Fateh is unable to dislike Jasmine.  

Jasmine tries to get Fateh back

Jasmin when sees Fateh is such a loving and caring guy. She regrets. She came to Fateh and apologize. Fateh who is still in love with her forgives her. Gradually their relationship starts and they come close to each other. Eventually, Tejo finds out about their relationship and decides to separate from Fateh. For this, she pretends that she wants to get married to Angad. On the wedding day, Fateh cancels his wedding with Jasmine as he was just taking revenge on her. Jasmine marries Amrik. Ameik is elder brother of fateh. Tejo and Fateh reunite. But Angad who actually falls in love with Tejo creates a misunderstanding between them. Fateh leaves her. Angad burns Tejo in order to take revenge on her. 

But after some time, Fateh finds out Tejo but she is mentally unstable. Fateh marries her again. After some time, Tejo regains her memory. Jasmine who was pregnant with Amrik’s child, abort her baby after Amrik’s death. But she pretends that she has given birth to a baby by adopting a baby girl. She was named Nehmat. Jasmine gets married to Yash and moves to London. After some time she gives birth to a daughter, Naaz. She comes back to India and leaves Naaz here.  Naaz and Nehamt become best friends. The drama takes a leap after Fateh and Tejo die in an accident. 

Udaariyaan to take 16 years Leap: 

Naaz and Nehmat are now grown-up kids. Nehmat and Ekam like each other. Ekam is a police officer. Nehmat with the help of Ekam is trying to find out the mystery behind her parent’s accident. Naaz on the other side has an inferiority complex as she thinks everyone loves Nehmat more than her. She hates Nehmet. She always tries to degrade Nehmat. As we know, the people behind Virk’s family accident were Jasmine and Advait’s father. So Advait becomes Ekam’s sister’s boyfriend in order to stop the investigation.

Moreover, Harleen comes back to India. Harleen is Jasmine’s youngest daughter. She falls for Ekam.  Nehmat sacrifices her love for the sake of Harleen. But later Harleen finds out that Ekam and Nehmat love each other. Harleen decides to step back steps back. Later she was shot while trying to save Nehmat. She gets to know that she won’t become a mother in her lifetime. She refuses to marry Ekam and asks Nehmat to marry him. 

Nehmat refuses to marry Ekam:

On the wedding day, Nehmat refuses to marry Ekam and leaves. Eakm becomes furious. But due to family pressure, he marries Harleen. After reaching home, she cries like a baby for Nehmat whereas Harleen tries to console him. Actually, it was Jasmine who threatens Nehmat and asks her to leave. Nehmat boards a train and moves to the other city there she reaches Gurdware.

Ekam Fights With Harleen:

In the morning, a lady sprinkles water on her. She asks where she belongs but she has no answer. She consoles her and gives her water and food. Her name is Nimmo. She takes her home. Nimo cooks food at Dhaba. Nehmat starts helping her. Nimmo gives her blessings. Daler appears. He works here but Nehmat thinks he is following her so she argues with him. On the other side, Ekam argues with Harleen over something. She gets upset. She is trying to get things on the right track. But things are going wrong. She was weeping in the kitchen and eating green chilies when Ekam sees her. He comes to stop her and apologize to her.

Furthermore, Harleen asks if you’re not accepting me as your wife then we can live like friends.  Ekam agrees. Naaz plays a game with harleen. She gets Nehamt’s dress through the parcel and gives it to Harleen to wear it for Mu dike. Ekam’s name was written on the parcel. Harleen thinks that Ekam has sent this dress for her. She becomes very happy and wears the dress. But when Ekam sees her in Nehmat’s dress, he gets angry. Naaz says to Harleen that you have got Mum by her side and also you got the love of her life. I won’t let Ekam forget Nehmat.

Ekam and Harleen visit Pind and meets Nehmat:

In the latest episodes, Harleen and Ekam come to the pind. It is the same pind where Nehmat is living. Eventually, they were caught in a problem. Nehmat listens to Sartaj talking on the phone and saying to someone that Ekam will not be saved this time. She gets shocked to hear this. She decides to save Ekam. In this way, she has to come in front of Ekam and Harleen. Ekam when sees her, gets hurt. Harleen tries to console her.

While having a fight with goons, Harleen gets hurt while saving Ekam. Ekam rushes to Hospital. On the other hand, Nehmat takes Sartaj to the hospital. She sees how Ekam is worried for Harleen. Ekam takes Harleen’s hand in his hand and says you get hurt because of me. I’m sorry. Nehmat sees them both together and cries while praying for them. Harleen sees Nehmat in the hospital. She asks Ekam to meet with her but Ekam refuses and says I want to forget her. Harleen feels guilty and thinks how will I face Nehmat and tell her that I have married his Ekam?  Ekam cheers up harleen. On the other hand, despite of getting hurt, Nehmat wishes that Harleen and Ekam should accept each other.

Currently, in Udaariyan Serial, Sartaj has shocked everyone with his hottest entry in the show. He also shocked Ekam by announcing that he has married Nehmat.

In the upcoming episodes, how will Ekam learn about Jasmine’s evil plan that has separated both love birds? Will Ekam sign the land papers which Jasmine is trying to get? 

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