Colors Tv Junooniyatt Latest Twist: Jahaan to Risk His Life in the Car Race Against Jordan

Colors channel produced a new romantic drama serial named Junooniyaat which casts Ankit Gupta, Neha Rana, and Gautam Vig as the leading stars. This drama serial premiered on 13th February 2023   under the banner of Dreamiyata Entertainment House. After the huge success of the drama serial Udaariyan, it is the second successful creation of Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta. You can watch the Junooniyat Aaj ka Episode presented on Undekha serial daily.

The story revolves around three main characters Jihaan, Jordan, and Elahi whose fates are intertwined. These characters have completely different personalities but their passions are the same. 

Junooniyaat Serial Written Story:

The first episode starts with Elahi and her troubled life. She is a beautiful middle-class girl and loves singing. But all her dreams get ruined because of her grandmother’s anger towards her mother. Her mother loved singing and in order to pursue her career she moves out of the house. Her father who used to work along with her mother also loses hope in his life. He is a complete alcoholic and most of the time he is found in an unconscious state. Which gets Elahi no benefits from his presence. Nor he is able to save his daughter from the taunts and humiliation of society. People around her keep on mocking her for her mother’s acts. But her love for her mother never fainted. She always stood strong with a wish that one day she will become a famous singer and prove her mother’s innocence. 

On the other side, Jahaan is a very handsome and decent guy. He came from Canada to India to pursue his career and to clear his parent’s reputation. Because for them Jahaan is their only hope who will bring honor to their house back. Jahaan loves singing and also has a hidden talent for playing harmonium too. But no one knows about this secret except the guitar-playing skills. He always keeps his guitar along with him where ever he goes. Elhai gets impressed by him because of his quiet and understanding nature. Also, he helps Elahi too in one of the cases where she could have lost all her hopes and reputation because of Jordan,

Furthermore, Jordan is a very self-centered rich boy. He is kinda and means and does not care when he speaks. Because his taunting and crude nature can hurt anybody’s incentives. Though, he is a rich kid, raised in a very luxurious lifestyle has one passion for singing ‘Hippop. But he can not bear it if anyone gets more appreciation than him. Or if someone is better than him. He only thinks about his aims and reputation and can ruin anybody at any time with his power. In recent episodes, Elahi gets locked in the music room with Jahaan. And she did not know that it was Jordaan behind all this. Jordaan wanted to lock Jahaan but accidentally locks Elhai too. But Jahaan saves the situation and Elhai gets safely out of there.

Jordan and Jahaan save Elhai from Marrige:

Her grandmother gives her a last chance so that if she ever finds out that Elhai has tried to sing anywhere to have been closer to boys. She will get married to any man, she finds without her consent. When Jordan finds out about her grandmother’s strict rules, he feels bad for troubling her life. And decides to help Elhai because he can not let anyone’s dream be ruined for his aims. 

In the next episode, Elhai’s grandmother fixes her marriage with a divorced man. Whose wife has left him for domestic violence. He is an alcoholic and a part of a gangster. Jahaan and Jordan both offer Elhai their help. But she refuses to take their help. In her efforts, she tries to expose her husband but all her efforts fail. On the day of her wedding, Jordaan kidnaps the man and beats him a lot, so he will refuse to marry Elhai. But at the same time, he brings his gun out and blackmails Jordaan. And tells him that through thick and thin he will marry Elahi in any case.

On the other side, Jahaan makes a plan to replace the groom’s place and wears the wedding dress by hiding his face. But at the mandap, Elahi sees the tattoo on his hand which means J for Jahaan. Elhai gets shocked to see Jahaan there but he asks her to stay calm and not let anyone find out the truth.

Elhai, Jahaan, and Jordan’s Excitement for Singing Competition:

Well, after a lot of drama things get solved and Elhai, Jordan, and Jahaan decide to take part in a competition together. Their excitement was at its peak. And this time Elhai’s grandmother ‘Biji is also in the support of her. But the reality is these three are participating individually in the singing competition. Jordaan’s mother has decided to make her son’s dream come true. And on the other hand, Elahi’s Biji also wishes her the best and makes her feel proud. Also, Jahaan’s parents also had huge wishes for him.

Though, things take a huge shift when Ginni confesses that Biji has not accepted Ilahi’s dream wish. And today she has fed her curd and sugar for her success. But she does not know what she has mixed into it. Though, Ilahi asks her grandmother about her hand’s bad condition she changes the topic that nothing has happened. She must only be worried about her singing competition today.  

Jordan and Jahaan Love For Elhai:

Furthermore, Biji gets into trouble when Amar asks her to give the sweet curd to him too but Biji acts land drops the whole cup on the floor. Because she knew if she lets him eat this sweet sugar everyone will find out her reality and bad intentions. Well, after a few scenes, Elahia and Amar leave for college. And there Ilahi confesses her love for Jahaan but when Husna asks she freezes and says they are just friends. And also tells Husna why is she talking about Jahaan right now. Upon her asking she tells her that she herself called his name, But she refuses to accept.

Meanwhile, Jordaan makes his entry and asks Jahaan about Elhai and refuses to tell him because he does not know where she is right now. And Jordaan leaves the place by claiming that today he is in a good mood and does not want to ruin it. Out of anger, Jordaan says to Jahaan I know you love Elhai. But Jaahn makes fun of him and asks a counter question, in love …Me or you? Meanwhile, Elhai and Husna also reached there. And they all say best of luck to each other. 

Jahaan Saves Elhai’s Reputation:

Furthermore, they all leave for the Indian voice competition show, the judges call 10  contestants onto the stage in which these three are also there. But they make few conditions that every contestant will be given 1 minute to prove themself and their talent.

Meanwhile, Elhai’s dress is also torn by another girl who wishes to take a step ahead of Ilahi. But this time Jahaan helps her and saves her reputation. Elahi tells him to go other wise he will lose the chance. But he refuses by telling her that his success is not much bigger than Ilahi’s respect. Jordan finds out about the evil act and asks who did this to Ilahi. She tells him that she does not know who did that to her. But Jahaan consoles Elahi and tells her to stay strong. 

Mahi decides to rusticate Elhai from college: Jordan saves!

In order to take revenge, Mahi traps Ilahi and decides to get her expelled from the college. And that is the only way to get Elhai away from Jordan. Meanwhile, Jordan finds out the truth with the help of Sanju. He stands against Mahi and tells her that without a proper investigation, she can not rusticate any student from this college. Mahi tries to warn Jordan to stay away from the matter but he stands still with Elhai’s life.

Though her name gets clear from the scene this did not give peace to Ilahi’s heart, She starts crying in front of her friend Husna. And tells her that every time she tries to fulfill her dream, something evil comes her way. And takes away all her hopes from her. In order to make Elhai happy, Jahaan surprises her by showering fresh flowers on her. Which makes her mood good and happy. Elhai thanks Jahaan for always staying with her. And she is thankful to him for her care and respect.

Colors TV Serial Junooniyaat Details: Voot

Serial Name Junooniyat
Main Cast Ankit Gupta 
Gautam Vig
Neha Rana
Balwinder Kaur
Manasi Salvi
Gurvinder Kaur
Genre Musical Drama
Telecast Days Monday- Friday
Producer Ravi Dubey & Sargun Mehta
Release Date 3rd February 2023
Total Episodes 42- Ongoing
Telecast Timings, Channel Name 8:30 PM, Colors Tv

Junooniyat Twist: Jordaan Challenges Jahaan to get Elhai

In the next episode, Mahi warns Jahaan about her son Jordan’s nature. She tells him that she knows her son much better than anyone. If he aims to take anything he gets it in any condition. But if he can not get it he does not miss a chance to ruin it too. Elhai is getting on his nerves and if Jahaan wants to save his friend Elhai’s life he must keep her away from Jordan.

Because if Ilhai loses something she will not have anyone along with her as support. She also confronts in front of Jahaan that in order to save Ilhai’s life she decided to rusticate her from the college. But Jordan came in her way and saved Elhai. I am warning you that my son can do anything and do not want anyone to get hurt. And as a mother, I will always protect my son and Ilahi. It is you ‘Jahaan who can save Elahi from Jordan. In the next episode, we see Jordan challenges Jahaan to do a car race. Whoever wins Elahi will become his part of life. What will happen when Ilhai finds out about their bet? 

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