Bekaaboo Serial Latest Twist: Bela Remembers her Past

Bekaboo is a colors tv serial

Colors Tv’s new fictional drama serial Bekaboo made its hottest entry OTT Platform on 18th March 2023. This thriller-supernatural Hindi serial is broadcasted in the Hindi language and explores the realms of two different worlds. These mysterious worlds have different entities ‘Demins and Faries. You can watch the Bekaaboo Aaj ka Episode presented on Undekha serial daily.

This epic tale revolves around two love birds who are unaware of their ancestral magical powers. Rakshas and Pari who have forgotten their past and taken birth into the human world will soon find out their birth connections.   

The fairy role is played by Eisha Singh as Bela. While Shalin Bhanot is playing the role of Pratham. In their past lives, Pratham and Devlekha lose their lives but take an oath to rebirth again and fulfill their love story.

Beqaboo Drama serial written Story:

Shivangi Joshi is playing the lead cast role of Rajpari Devlekha while Zain Imam was playing his character Pratham. Prtahm belonged to the demon world and Devlekha was a fairy. They could not survive in their lives and make their love come true in the end. But when Pratham dies Devlekha kills herself too for him.

In this world, Devlekha and Pratham both have been reborn but with different identities. Develkha is in the form of Bela, an intelligent and caring girl. As Bela belongs to a poor class family but has supernatural powers. She can read minds and listen to other thoughts as well. She finds out about her power at a very younger age in her school. When she helps her co-fellows find their lost money. She also listens to what her drunk father thinks of her. But She is shown as a very selfless girl and knows her mother’s concerns about her. 

Yamini plans to steal the Diamond:

The episode starts with Bela and Malaiaka’s conversation in which she asks her about that hair strand. And she listens that Yamini was hiding something from them. MLA who has been helping Yamni in her evil acts informs her that the diamond is in the custody of the Sitamgarhs queen.

However, Yamini yells at him for being so careless about that unique thing. Along with her son, she plans to steal the real diamond from the queen. In order to get that she sends goons to take over the situation. But things get a huge turn when goons lose their consciousness after seeing a terrible Rakshas coming out of the car.

Bela Finds out Pratham’s Reality:

Meanwhile, the Queen of Sitamgarh also did not know about Pratham’s reality and his true form. She also loses consciousness after seeing him turning into a horrible Rakhshas. Bela who was chasing the goons was noticing everything from the bushes. Meanwhile, Pratham looks deeply into the queen’s eyes and puts his hand on her forehead so she will forget everything. Rakhsas had the power to remove anyone’s memory from him.

After watching everything from far away, Bela runs back to her home fearfully, and there she finds one of her old paintings. She has drawn the Rakshas’ face and wonders how she did that. She never meets or saw him before in her life. Then how did she draw this picture of him? On the next day, Bela tries to tell the whole truth to her mother but stops there when she sees Pratahm at her door steps.

Pratham Tries to Kill Bela: Bekaboo

Though, Bela had never hidden anything from her mother the presence of Pratham at her house makes her suspicious about everything. Bela sees that Prtaham asks her about last night’s event. And he asks her to confess what she has seen last night. But Bela does not tell him anything. Out of anger he pushes her to the wall and is about to take her life. Her eyes opened and she realizes that she was watching a dream but the reality was totally the opposite to that. Pratham did come to the top of her room and read her mind. And then makes her fall asleep to make her believe that it was all a dream.    

Adi fights with Pratahm:

In the latest episode, Yamini looked so nervous and worried that where her men had gone. How can they vanish all of a sudden and there are no traces left of them also? And along with them, she has lost the diamond too. There Pratham makes his entry at Yamini’s home and when she sees him gets shocked. He had blood all over his face and asks where it came from. He orders a cup of tea and starts laughing over Yamini. In the meantime, Yamini’s son also makes his entry into the scene and when he sees Pratham at his home gets furious to see him. Especially when he was not answering his mother’s questions and was stubbornly enjoying his tea.  

In the Next episode, the police start investigating the case and find out traces of rakshas’s presence in their town. Meanwhile, Yamini tries to make a smart effort at MLA’s house. And there she demands Malaik’s hand. But Malaiak accepts the relationship with Adi and informs her father to agree to their marriage. Though, Bela knows everything about the evil acts of Adi. And his mother tries to warn her friend Malika about their intentions. But she does pay attention to her insecurities.

Malaika and Adi’s Engagement Ceremony:

In the present time, Yamini along with Adi goes to their workstation where they again find Pratham taking hold overthink. Her son gets angry at him for trying to be over-smart. Bela also reaches there to meet Vijay but gets shocked to see how Pratahm saves the poor man from dying. He flew into the air and saves his life.

furthermore, Vijay who has been always supporting Bela, could not help her in clearing her doubts about Pratham. Adi and Malaiak’s engagement is fixed and Bela tries to expose Pratahm’s reality but fails. But this time she is sure that Pratham is not a common man. But has got supernatural forces. Yamini also plans to keep Pratham away from her sons’ engagement ceremony with MLA’s daughter. 

Ranav saves Bela from Death:

In the Recent episode, Pratham saves Bela from an accident. She falls into his arms and they both share a love bond. She warns Prtaham that she knows he is not a human and tonight she will expose his truth to everyone. Bela fights with Vijay and at the ceremony, Pratahm discloses that he will only give Adi a manager place in his company.  At the party, Prtaham takes advantage of Bela’s presence and starts making Malaika jealous of him. Malaika gets angry at Bela for dancing with Prtaham and blames she was hiding the truth. Bela and Pratham are having an affair. Bela tries to make her understand that whatever she thinks is not true. But Malika refuses to believe in her.

Though, Adi was deeply in love with Maliak but gets heartbroken when he finds out that she does not love him. He tries to kill her but Yamini stops him and asks him to have patience until she finds out whether Malaik is a fairy or not. In the next episode, Pratham and Bela decide to stop Mlaiak’s marriage with Adi. And He also tells her that the anger on her face reminds him of someone but he is not sure who that person is. Meanwhile, Malaika also finds out that in the past Pratahm has deeply loved someone. Well, Prathama and Ranav are the same people. 

Bekaaboo Serial Details: Colors TV

Here is the detailed description of the Colors Tv Bekaboo serial:

Serial Name Bekaaboo
Language Hindi
Channel Colors TV
Main Cast Eisha Singh
Shalin Bhanot
Release Date 18 March 2023
Telecast Timings 09:00 PM
Telecast Days Saturday-Sunday
Producer Ekta Kapoor
Shobha Kapoor
Final Episode Date 10- Ongoing

Malaika and Pratham’s Marriage: Bella Remembers her past

Ranav who is in trouble when Malika decides to marry him instead of Adi, tells the whole truth to Bela about their past. Meanwhile, Bela remembers everything and her mission to kill Ranav but fails in doing so. She decides to kill him so that she can get back to her Pari Lok again.

In the next episode of Bekaboo, things get s more dramatic when Yamini gets flashbacks of her father’s predictions that if a Demind drinks the blood of a fairy he will become more powerful than ever. And after that, no one can stop him from doing anything. She also starts thinking that Ranava must have taken the blood and that is the reason he has become so powerful this time. But her insecurities get bigger when she imagines Ranav and Maliak together. Because according to Yamini Malaika is the real Pari and if Ranav gets married to her, he will become more powerful than she can ever imagine. She must stop his wedding with Malaika, But how.  

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