Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta: Satvik Confesses his Love for Supriya

Colors Tv launched a new Hindi show named Ek Samjhauta- Agni Sakshi after the release of Durag Aur Charu, Molkki 2, and Dharampatni. This drama serial is the remake of the Colors Kanada show also named Agnisakshi. You can watch the Agni Sakshi Aaj ka Episode presented on Undekha serial daily.

Although, the similarly titled show is also broadcasted on Star Maa channel has a different storyline. The protagonists of this serial are Aashay Mishra and Shivika Pathak. Abhay is one of the most popular actresses in India and much of her popularity came from her Dnaga TV serial Shubh Labh. She is a believer and a passionate lover and according to her that the role of Jeevika also reached her because of her fate. 

Agnisakshi Serial Written Story: Colors TV

The First episode of the series starts with the life journey of two love birds, Jeevika and Satvik. She is shown as a very simple and middle-class girl who wishes to get married. And having a married life and children is her only dream that she wants to get fulfilled. But Satvik who is a great businessman and sensible human being is against getting married. As he agrees to it because of his father’s happiness. But the story takes a very dramatic turn when he demands his wife for the separation right after the marriage. 

At the start of the serial, Jeevika who is happy about getting married to Stavik falls off the floor of a building because of the negligence of Satvik. And she was taken to the hospital for an emergency and there, the lady doctor informs Jeevika’s family that she will not be able to conceive in her life ever. This news makes her dreams fall apart. And she did not know what she will do in her life anymore.

Satvik and Jeevika’s Marriage:

Though, the situation also gets worsen when she thinks that one will now marry her. Because she will be able to produce children now. Her blessing has been taken away from her. But later, her sister-in-law blackmails Satvik about getting married to Jeevika. She does this to get money from them and also that all of Satviks property will remain in their hands when Jeevika will go there. Satvik decides to get her married but after the rituals end, he gives her divorce papers. But she refuses to sign on them. Satvik did not want to marry anyone because he had loved Supriya deeply but she cheated on him. And that is the reason he was not willing to marry anyone because he knew he could not keep his wife happy. But soon, as time passes he grew feelings in his heart and also starts liking Jeevika. 

Pradeep Takes Jeevika Back Home:

In the Recent Episodes, Pradeep comes to Satviks house and asks him angrily about his relationship with Jeevika. Satvik stays silent so does Jeevika. Manav has been observing everything from very far away. Pradeep notices that Satvik has left her hand during their discussion. He says that if your husband can leave your hand today he will leave you at any time in the future too. Meanwhile, Pallavi makes her entry during their discussions and asks Pradeep to quit it. Manas also comes there and asks Satvik why did not stop him and he tells him the whole truth.

Furthermore, angry Pradeep announces that he will take his sister along with him to his home. She will not stay with Satvik anymore. But Pallavi tries to make Satvik understand that Jeevika is the daughter-in-law of their house and all of the family is so used to his presence Do not let her go with Pradeep. Pallvi also confronts that you think you have no right to Jeevika but for us, she is our family member.  She asks her brother to start to respect Jeevika before it gets too late.

Jeevika Finds out Satviks Reality:

Meanwhile, Juhi makes her assumptions and says that there is something fishy behind Jeevika going home. Narayan also takes his part and says that they have got no right to stop Jeevika. She is going to her father’s house. After a lot of drama, Jeevika comes home back and starts performing all her duties as she used to do. She gives medicines to her father and also asks Pallvi to start learning English too.  She does everything before leaving her home but Narayan tells her that she is not going to her home forever and soon she will come back to her real home. Though, Satvik was not asking her to stay and inside his heart knew that she will not come back. He has watery eyes and he did not know why is this happening to him. Has he fallen in love with her? 

Satvik Proposes to Supriya:

In the previous episode, we have seen that Satvik was accused by Pradeep of cheating on his sister Jeevika. Also confronts that he is with Supriya right now. Satvik agrees that he was doing an injustice to Jeevika but he is ashamed of his acts too. But Jeevika defends her husband rather than taking the side of her family and acting like a victim. Until now, Supriya has not made her entry back into the serial openly but has been keeping an eye on Satvik. She has come back with the aim to get Satvik back in his life. And in order to keep Jeevika away she will cross all her limits.

Agnisakshi- Ek Samjhauta Serial Details: Voot

Serial Name Agnisakshi- Ek Samjhauta
Main Cast Shivika Pathak
Aashay Mishra
Genre Drama
Director Randeep Shantaram Mahadik
Producer Shivigha raj
Dilip Raj
Channel Name Colors TV, Voot
Telecast Days & Timings Monday to Friday at 9 PM
Running Time 20-22 Minutes
Release Date 23 January 2023
Language Hindi

Supriya Refuses Satvik Proposal:

Furthermore, Satvik goes to the temple with Jeevika for prayer but there he gets shocked to see that his ex-girlfriend Supriya who has cheated is back. He left with no words after seeing her in front of him in the temple. He suddenly goes to her without thinking that he was there with his wife Jeevika. Jeevika stands there stiffly and keeps on looking at them.

But when Jeevika reaches close to them, she listens to Satvik confess his love for Supriya. And requests her to come back to him because he has not forgotten her. Though he has tried his best he could not forget her. But Supriya acts like she is not liking whatever he is talking about. And gets angry with Satvik that despite being married he is confessing his love for her. Supriya warns him not to get closer to her anymore and if he dares to she will refuse to recognize him too. After hearing that, Satvik gets heartbroken and requests her to not leave him. 

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