Aashiqana Web Series: An Action-Packed Drama With An Overwhelming Plot    

Aashiqana Series Written Story: Disney+HotStar

The Aashiqana web series comprises two seasons. The first season released on June 6, 2022. This show has gained much popularity among the audience due to its unique and fanciful storyline with captivating thrill and excitement. In this series, the leading roles are Zayn Ebad Khan, Khushi Dubey, and Pankaj Singh. While the second season of Aashiqana is released on 10th October and is ongoing on Disney+Hotstar. And you can also Watch all the Aashiqana Season 3 Aaj Ka Episode only on Undekha serial daily.

The central character is Zayn Ebad khan, Khushi Dubey, and Karanvir Bohra. Aashiqana is the best series and the lead roles are so attractive. The artist has justified the story. Gul khan said: It has been an arduous journey for me and my team to bring this unique story to light.”.

Aashiqana is an Indian series full of romance thrill and mystery. The storyline is so beautiful and unique. It revolves around a suspected criminal, a police officer, and a young lady. This is a beautiful story about two battered souls who find solace in one another. This series is produced by Gul khan and is directed by Atif khan while Gen K studio is the production company. Aashiqana Season 3 is about to release soon in 2023 with an amazing and most exciting story. 

Aashiqana 1 series depicts the story of a powerful police officer, Yash Chauhan who is in the grief of losing a loved one, and a lively young woman named Chikki Sharma, who aspires to be a cop like her father but fails the entrance exam. They cross paths when a serial killer is roaming in their town. However, People adore the chemistry between Yash and Chikki played by Zayn and Khushi.

Aashiqana season 1 Story: Star Plus

In the first season. Zayn Ebad khan gives an outstanding performance as a powerful cop. Chikki made some mistakes though these were not intentional but she was thrown out of her house. Later Chikki and Yash cross their paths. Fate brings them close. Chikki Sharma through her grit and determination to become a police officer fights and preserve to show why a woman’s place does not always have to be in the kitchen but due to lack of experience, she faces a lot of difficulties.

Under the backdrop of an extensive manhunt for a criminal, the blooming love story catches fire. As part of the serial killer is dark but filled with intense music. it’s like packages of spices in one box. You can watch how opposites attract through they have similar pasts. Yash and Chikki form a love bond but in the end, both separate as they both have different priorities. The first season of the series kept the audience glued to the screens.

The second season comes with more drama and action. The characters are set to face a new battle that will test their bond Gul Khan said about season 2 “It will see Yah and Chikki fight new battles which challenge them physically and mentally and will put to test their love towards each other”

Aashiqana season 2 Story: Disney+Hotstar

The acclaimed thriller returns for a second season with a new theme. Gull khan, director of the show Aashiqana 2 is if the opinion that the bigger villain, The better chance a story stands to engage its audience the show sees a new unconventional antagonist in the form a virus in its second season and the challenges for the lead characters seem to be expanding manifold courtesy the new antagonist.

The second season starts when Yash is hospitalized and recovering from an accident.

Chiki keeps checking on him without letting him know as they parted their ways in the previous season. The mystery begins when the nurse in the hospital kills herself after saying the word ‘karma’. The serial killer is still roaming in the town.

Karanvir Bora enters the story as a new antagonist. He kidnaps Chikki and informs the police officer about his wife. Later, Yash rescues Chikki by putting himself in danger. The story is full of thrill and excitement. Naagin actor Anurag Vyas as Shyam is also an antagonist who has dual personalities. He pretends to be a gentleman but he has all evil plans behind him.

As he tries to marry Chikki but eventually, Yash reached at the spot. And saves Chiki by putting sandur on Chiki. Chiki has become a more sensible woman after marriage. She is very supportive of Yash. She says “Chiki will also be depicted in saree because she is newly married and should adjust to her better beginning in the Chauhan house.”

The chemistry between these two is getting interesting. The Raj was Hospitalized due to the shot by Chiki but it was not intentional. The antagonist Sachin was behind all this but the blame was put on Chiki. Chiki gets to know the real face of Sachin but he could not do anything because Sachin kidnaps Shivani, the sister of Yash.  

Aashiqana web series cast, Lead Roles,  role play with photos:

Zayn Ebad Khan

Role name: Yashvardhan Chouhan age 24 years Son of Ibad Ur Rehman Khan 
Zayn Ibad Khan Role name: Yashvardhan Chouhan age 24 years Son of Ibad Ur Rehman Khan.

Khushi Dubey

Role: Chiki Sharma, age 21
Khushi Dubey Role: Chiki Sharma, age 21.

Karanvir Bohra

Age 40 years. Married 3 childern
Karanvir Bohra Age 40 years. Married 3 childern.

Nirisha Basnat

Anurag Vyas

Sneha Chouhan

Aashiqana season 2: Disney+ Hotstar

Series Name                          Aashiqana Murder k Mousam Mein Piyar                      
Release Date 6 June 2022
Language Hindi
Genre Thriller, romance, crime
Director Atif Khan 
Producer  Gul Khan
Seasons  2
Episodes 67 
Main Star Cast Zayn Ibad Khan 

Khushi Dubey 

Karanvir Bohra

Upcoming Episodes of Aashiqana 

This is a really unique and interesting story than any other serials. The suspense is increasing day by day. Both the lead roles are very charming and their acting skills have amazed the audience.

The story becomes more interesting after the marriage of Yash and Chiki. It has now become a mixture of thrill, drama, action, and romance. Both the main leads are going through a lot of challenges. Chiki gets to know about their real face of Sachin. The fight takes place between the two but somehow Sachin manages to run. He demands Chiki to kill Yash in order to save Shivani. Will Chiki fulfill his demand? What will happen next? .

To find out what will happen next in the Serial AashiqanaSeason 3 , Guys stay tuned to Desi TV  to get more updates about ‘Yash and Chiki’ in further episodes on the Undekha serial for more exciting Upcoming Written Updates and Latest News and Spoilers Alerts. 

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